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Saturday, March 26, 2011

We (Adam, Yana, Lily, Jadon and Grace) made these bracelets to help with fundraising for Genevieve's surgery. If you would like one of these bracelets, please see the end of this post.  All of the bracelets are made with flexible beading wire and have sturdy silver clasps.

Bracelet #1 (top) (no longer available)
Bracelet #2 (bottom): Color: gold, black, and brown, Length:  7 3/4 inches

Bracelet #3: color: black, and white, Length: 7 inches

Bracelets #4, #5 and #6: Color: blue and red 
Bracelets #4 and #5, Length: 7 inches  Bracelet #6, Length: 7 1/2 inches (these three bracelets are no longer available)

Bracelets #7 and 8: Color: pink, and white
Bracelet #7, Length:  6 3/4 inches
Bracelet #8, Length: 7 1/2 inches
(these two bracelets are no longer available)
If you would like one of these bracelets, There are 2 things that you need to do.
#1. Donate $15 or more towards Genevieve's surgery (use the chip-in on the sidebar).
#2. Send an E-mail to us at with your address and what bracelet you would like.
Shipping is on us.
If you would like us to make more bracelets, please leave a comment on our blog or E-mail us.
Thank you for helping Genevieve!

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