Football, school, grandparents, birthdays and an adoption day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Whew! How's that for a blog post title?
August was a busy month for us. Jadon and Adam started football and we've been having such a good time seeing them grow in their skills and abilities.

Adam (#83) played in his first game a couple of weeks ago (they won!). Adam got both an interception and a touchdown. So fun!

 Adam's adoring fans...
Jadon's first game is next week. We're looking forward to it!

We started school last week. The photo up above is from our first day of homeschooling.
I know. I know. I work them too hard.
The photo down below is from the first day at their new homeschool co-op. They are enjoying it and working hard.

We were so happy to have Oma and Opa visit this past weekend.
They helped us to celebrate Yana and my birthdays.
And Lily's adoption day.


We spent the day at the zoo, watched a movie and then ate Kansas City barbeque.
I'm so grateful for my beautiful girls and the special day that we share. They are certainly the best birthday gifts that I could ever have received!
Happy Birthday, Yana!
Happy Adoption Day, Lily!
I love you both so very much!!!

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Cheri said...

Happy Birthday, Adoption Day! And, of course, fun football days! I, too, love watching the kids play their sport. Enjoy!

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