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Monday, February 17, 2014

Well, the process to adopt Sergei has certainly had its ups and downs. But, nobody ever said that adoption was easy! We just have to chuckle when we can get all six of our kid's medical forms completed in under an hour, but it has taken weeks to get David and my own medical forms done. I'm not sure how many more things could go wrong in that department, but I'm confident that it will be done this week, and then we can hand in all of our home study materials. Hooray!
On a positive note, our t-shirt fundraiser brought in exactly enough money to pay for our initial fees and home study. I love when God does that. I love it when He gives exactly what we need. I'm not sure why I'm ever surprised by this, though. Through each adoption, God has shown us how He loves to provide for these precious children. It's never, ever been in the same way, either. We've received grants, unexpected interest on money that we had in a short-term investment before we bought our last house, extra work for David, money from fundraisers, gifts from good friends, gifts from strangers, and (really this is true) money that seemed to simply appear in our bank account out of nowhere.  Our God is just so creative! 
As soon as our home study is complete, we'll be able to apply for grants and in a couple of months our house refinancing will provide for a good chunk of Sergei's adoption. In the meantime, though, we have a number of miscellaneous fees (from Ukrainian facilitator fees to I-600A fees) that will be due soon. We trust that God will once again do His creative thing to bring in the needed funds.
As a way to join in how God is providing, we are excited to let you know about our two new fundraisers.
The first one starts today!
Staci, from Jubilee's Jewels designed this beautiful necklace to benefit Sergei's adoption. I love how it turned out! Each necklace is hand-stamped and can be purchased for $28 right here. A portion of the proceeds from this necklace will be available to our family for Sergei's adoption.
Secondly, we will be holding an online adoption auction. We've been blown away by the generosity of those who have donated towards our auction, and there are some amazing items to bid on. The auction will be held from March 1st through March 9th. You can check out some of the items that will be for sale here.
I can hardly wait to share all that God is going to do as we continue to hope for this precious young man. Sergei truly does have a future (and a hope!). Jer. 29:11

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