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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Jesus is utterly and astonishingly patient with me.
Truly, friends.
He never prods. He never bullies. He never, ever coerces.
He is a gentleman, through and through.
Jesus whispers.
He is tender in His pursuit of love.
He waits until my heart is ready for revelation and then He pours it out abundantly.
Oh friends, over this past month, Jesus has been sharing Himself with me and it is so very sweet. He has been showing me things that are not new, in the sense of never-having-heard-them-before, but are truly new, as I haven't even come close to realizing the fullness of their scope before now.
Jesus is teaching me to live
Dear ones, my life in the past, has been a series of looks-to-the-future. I have gazed ahead and wondered what might happen tomorrow. I have fretted and worried and planned and given myself to the world of "what-if's".
But friends! Jesus hasn't asked me to plan for tomorrow, He has asked me to live today. And the wondrous thing is that He has given me absolutely everything that I need for this moment. He has given all that is necessary for today, and the only thing I need to do is receive it.
He is my daily bread.
He is my life from heaven.
He is mine today, and that is more than enough.
Precious ones, this isn't a lofty, vague ideal. It is real. He is real.
There are two situations in my life right now that, by outward appearance, may look rather hopeless. In the past, these situations would probably have brought me great discouragement, as at this point, there is no clear resolution. But friends, how can I despair?!! Jesus has promised that He is with me and that He has given Himself in every way possible to my situation.
Let me say it again. Our Sweet Jesus, The Victorious One, has given Himself completely. He is fully aware of my situation and has given everything (and I mean everything) that I need today.
Beloved ones, our gentlemanly Jesus is calling your name today, as well. He has daily bread for you. It is never stale, dry or moldy. It is fresh, and He simply asks you to bite into it and receive His love. Will you let go of all that happened yesterday? Will you give up planning for tomorrow? Will you let him be your bread?


Waitingfaithfully said...

Thank you Sarah for speaking all that is True, beautifully.

Love you, friend!


Cheri said...

Sarah, you do not know how much this post has affected and was meant for me at this very time. I, too, have always looked beyond today. Some unsettling news this morning had me in tears. Then I read this. Thanks for sharing and letting God guide you.

Sarah said...

Love this!! I'm being taught this too. To stop worrying about all the "what ifs".. Hard to do but oh so wise to do. Love ya!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

Good truth....thanks for sharing from your heart what you are truly learning. It is convicting this heart.

Miche said...

Love this and needed this :) Hugs!

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