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Sunday, November 10, 2013

In May of 1995, I finished graduate school in California and spent the summer with my parents. I was in need of a temporary job, so I went to a vacuum cleaner sales training seminar. While at the seminar, the presenter explained that in order to sell vacuums, we would have to "create a need" for our customers. We would have to convince our customers that they couldn't live without this vacuum cleaner! 

At which point, I raised my hand and explained (with all of my newly acquired philosophy of religion and ethics degree seriousness), "I'm sorry, but I don't think that it's ethical to create a need. People have real needs that really matter (like the need for food, shelter and love). When we pretend that our created needs are real needs, real people get hurt."

And that my friends
was the end of my very short career as a vacuum cleaner salesperson.

The blaringly obvious reality is that I'm not a salesperson. I seriously stink at selling things. I'm also no good at fundraising. I absolutely cannot pretend that you need a new t-shirt. In fact, I imagine that you have a few cute ones hanging in your closet already.

But friends, I do know that Sergei has a need. And it's not a fabricated need. It's real.
If Sergei isn't adopted soon, he will age out of the orphanage and will be vulnerable to any number of dangerous attacks on his life and character. Sergei needs a family to protect him. Sergei needs a family to love him.

So, if you'd like to help meet the real need of a young man who is about to age-out of his orphanage, we'd be so grateful. The t-shirts truly are beautiful, and you can buy one right here. Thanks so much, friends. You bless us more than you could ever know!

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