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Monday, August 12, 2013

There is so much more that I'd like to share regarding our move to Kansas City. It doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day to write down everything that I would like to say (and still attend to my children, and pack, and eat and sleep...). But, let me at least say...our God has brought about many miracles in order for this move to happen, and we are in awe of Him.

In one of my posts regarding our move, I mentioned that we are going to Kansas City under a church-planting, supporting and sending ministry called The Rock Tribe. This past Thursday and Friday, we were blessed to be a part of The Rock Tribe's Tribal gathering in Wyoming.

The whole conference was wonderful (and I'll try to post more pictures of it soon), but Thursday night was simply amazing.

The evening started out with an awesome time of praise and worship and then a talk by Andy Taylor. This man has experienced the Father's heart in deep ways. The revelation that Andy shared brought me to tears. Truly, this is what the Church experience the love of the Father and to understand our call as a family of God.

After the talk, Rock Tribe leader, Tim Johns, shared about what we will be doing in Kansas City. Tim, and his wife, Janet, were the ones who were instrumental in starting the original church in Kansas City (which we will be re-starting, fresh and new!). Tim, Janet and others, have been praying for God to make a way for the church to be re-built in the city...God is out-doing Himself with all of the miracles that have come about to make this happen!

The woman in this picture (who is hugging Lily) has been in Kansas City for many years. She is an amazing lady and such a blessing!

Here's the team (minus the faithful, faithful families who are already in Kansas City).

After Tim shared about what God is doing, he invited everyone to pray for our families and for the church in Kansas City. I don't think that I can adequately express how amazing this time of prayer was. God was present, pouring out His incredible love and kindness through these people. We were particularly encouraged that the Crosland family was there to support us, as well as our friends, Mark and Cindy. We can hardly believe how blessed we are! It brings tears to my eyes even to write this.

Father, thank you for Your incredible love. Thank you for making a way, when there was no way. Thank you for leading and guiding us. May it be to Your glory and may Your name be glorified in all the earth!


Peter and Nancy said...

I will keep praying for you, and for a family from our church -- you're both planting churches at the same time. Though you'll be in different cities, you're both serving the same Christ.

Kristen said...

I am soooooo excited for you!!!!! It sounds like it was an AMAZING time. I love when God does that!!

No Greater Love said...

I am SOOOOOO glad we were there. It was awesome. More incredible than I ever thought it would be. :) I love you so much......even though I am going to miss you like CRAZY....and might die without you.

Rebecca said...

So exciting!!!

Cheri said...

There is no sweeter place to be than in God's will. That brings such an awesome peace to our hearts.

I'm looking forward to hearing about so much more!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing how God is continuing to blow the doors open! what a precious time!

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