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Friday, June 4, 2010

One day, when Adam was about 6 years old, I had gotten out the ironing board to iron some clothes. 

"What is that?" Adam asked.

My 6 year old had no idea what an ironing board was.

And there is a very good reason for that.


And here's a little proof.

Some of these clothes have been hanging there since last summer.

 Not joking.

Last summer.

But, guess what?!

Lily has decided that she LOVES ironing!

She had been begging me to teach her how to iron for months.

I was hesitant, because I didn't want her to get burned.

And well,
teaching someone to iron is a lot like

And I wouldn't want to do that!

But, I shouldn't have worried.
Lily was on her own after only a couple of demonstrations.
And I have to say.
Her ironing is MUCH better than mine.

And look at this!
Just a few things left, that need some special care.

Hmmm...I guess that I better get on that.

Of course, I could wait until tomorrow...

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Gwen said...

What's ironing? :)
You have a much better track record than me when it comes to ironing!
Sweet Lily-- that's awesome that she is such a great helper!

The Byrd's Nest said...

lol...I can really relate to this! We have never had a maid before but they are really inexpensive to have here so we have one and she LOVES to iron! I mean passionately loves it! She even irons Greg's undershirts:)

Ummm.....I think when we move to Mexico in a couple of months...Lily needs to come spend some quality time with me:)

Cari said...

I am so with you on the ironing thing! My idea of ironing is "hurry up and take the clothes out of the dryer and hang it up before it shows too many wrinkles"! My mom actually told me that she never taught my sister and I how to iron because we are lefties and she is right handed...oh I never really learned...don't want to either! :)

The Wednesday Poet said...

Oh, that's so funny. I never iron either. This past year, Ethan for some reason, has started to get bugged by his wrinkly clothes. I told him he could start to iron them (and wash them--I think this summer I'll have him do his own laundry finally). If Lily can learn to iron, so can a 15-year old Ethan.

He was spoiled one time when my dad came to visit and folded all of his clothes. My dad has an uncanny ability to fold clothing into the neatest, and most microscopic bundles. T-shirts come out of the drawer looking fresh-pressed. I, on the other hand, fold t-shirts over once and throw them in the drawer. Oh, I am so not the domestic slave that my parents were. My mom used to even iron all of our jeans each week!

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