Chinese song #3

Monday, July 6, 2009

Grace tried to teach me to sing this Chinese song. I'm afraid that I'm a hopeless case, but Lily and Jadon have been learning all sorts of songs from Grace (all of the sudden, she's very into singing for everyone!). I'll have to post a video of the three of them singing. It's very sweet!


Cari Bacon said...

so precious! :)

Gwen said...

I just love the video clips of Grace singing!
Yes, I'd love to see a clip of your three Chinese cuties singing together! :)

Our China Starfish said...

I don't think she could get any cuter!

Jean said...

She is adorable!!
I have heard that song before from our Sarah! I am nt sure if she can still sing it?

Do you have an apple?? You said that you can't read the words on my blog-I have a brown background with white words. There a some blogs that I can't read- like Lea's. "number 6 and no more counting" I was actually going to post on it but the post somehow erased?? to me it looks like she has a red background with grey writing- I just can't read it but if I go to it through firefox and not safari then I can- it is a white background with grey writing- weird- I can't figure it out?? Hmmmm?

James, Dawn and Family said...

She is so beautiful!!!

Kimi said...

Keep those videos coming! LOVE THEM!!I can't get over how she sings in Chinese. She is adorable!


Jill and Rick said...

So sweet!

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