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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I'm sitting here in my room, listening to the snores of my aging pup and smiling at the tiny bed, covered with baby dolls, that is pushed next to David's and my bed. Time passes and this blog has been sorely neglected over the past couple of years. But, as I sit here praying, I feel compelled to share the deep love our Father has shown us in giving us another child from China.
Our sweet Ruby Xiaohong.

Downstairs, my family is eating lunch, and as I post the picture above, I hear a precious little voice: "Thank you Ma. Thank you Baba. Thank you Alam. Thank you Kaikai. Thank you Jadon. Thank you Grace-ah. Thank you Lolly!" 

Xiaohong is imitating the things that she hears every day. Later, I'm sure that I'll also hear her singing her own version of "Come Thou Fount," as it's her favorite song right now and she sings it often and loudly! I might also hear she and Kaikai laugh, while playing wheelchair basketball outside my window, and at dinnertime, she'll most definitely crawl into the kitchen (XH has spina bifida and doesn't walk), and announce that she is ready to, "Help you Mama."

Xiaohong naturally imitates the things that we do every day, because she knows that she is deeply loved by every person in our home.

"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children," (Ephesians 5:1)

Dear ones, did you know that, in the same way that Ruby Xiaohong looks more and more like a Bandimere every day, you also become more and more like Jesus as you experience the great love that our Father has for you? 

You are His beloved child.

Oh friends, Father thinks that you are absolutely precious. He delights in you! And though He  knows that the best thing for you is to become more like Him, He doesn't demand that you imitate Him because He's holy and good (although He certainly is good and holy!). Instead, He wants you to know what it means to be His beloved child. He wants you to rest in His love for you. And as you begin to see His beauty, He knows that your life will be transformed. Basking in His love comes first. Becoming more and more like Him comes next.

While writing today, our newest daughter has scooted her way into my room multiple times. She knows that I cannot resist the urge to to touch her soft cheeks and laugh at her silly antics. She knows that she has full access to my love.

Beloved, I pray that you understand that you have that same access to your heavenly Father. He is not looking for perfection. He simply wants to be with you. Rest in Him. Seek His face. Look upon His beauty. Let Him laugh at your antics. And dear ones, soon (so very soon) you will change. You will begin to  look more and more like the One who loves you with love everlasting. Your joy will be full as you experience what it means to be His precious and beloved child.

1 comment:

mary m said...

Thank you so much...what a pleasure to see your blog
again and see pictures of your much loved littlest
What a beauty, I love the last pic of her up on
brothers shoulders and all gathered around her.
Very special picture...
One of the times I enjoyed your blog was when you
moved into a convent...!.
The older children are still as beautiful and
handsome, they just have gotten bigger.
Best wishes for a beautiful fall, whereever you are.
from mary m, age 72

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